Joanna excels as a virtual producer with careful attention to detail that comes from her desire to ensure every member of the production team, the talent, and the client feels supported, in the loop, and ready to take on whatever the day brings for a successful and smooth production. She believes clear, consistent communication and compassion are keys to a successful event.

Joanna regularly produces virtual events for New York Times best-selling author DR. BARBARA DE ANGELIS, having helped her successfully bring all her in-person events to the virtual space. She is a freelance producer for virtual PR events such as press junkets, media tours, pre-recorded and live panels, and press conferences. Joanna supported virtual production of the bi-annual CTAM TCA’S when a remote solution had to be found during the pandemic.

With experience in single and multi-day events, fully virtual and hybrid productions, she’s just as comfortable supporting A-List talent as she is with those brand new to Zoom or not used to being on-camera to help them feel confident with the technology and comfortable in front of the camera.

S E L E C T   V I R T U A L   &   H Y B R I D   P R O D U C T I O N S

Joanna’s forte is leading teams in a high pressure environment, adapting seamlessly to the needs of a live event, discovering creative solutions in the moment, and helping everyone stay on schedule. She’s proficient in Google Sheets, creating custom live documents for production teams, whether it be for pre-production, production, or post production.

She’s versed in remote post producing, creating systems to track a multitude of assets at once, coordinating remote teams, reviewing cuts and offering feedback to editors, and ensuring deadlines are met while maintaining a lighthearted and heart-centered culture until production reaches the finish line.

V I R T U A L   P O S T   P R O D U C I N G   S A M P L E S

Joanna Has Worked With High Profile Clients